Data Centres & Critical Infrastructure Online
May 27th 2021 | 10AM - 3PM EST

Registration is free for this thought provoking and topical event which will address some of the key issues influencing how the datacentre sector will evolve over the coming years. Hear from leaders across the sector who have the vision and determination to create global enterprises in the datacentre design, build, fitout and operations.

These experiences, skills and the relationships established through working with data centre owners and operators in Ireland have enabled Irish suppliers to expand their operations into global markets. Irish firms and workers have become leading suppliers to the industry as a whole with expertise recognised and trusted globally. In every key data centre market in the world, you will find Irish companies, contractors and workers designing, constructing and managing facilities.

The growth in global data centre investment over the past decade has been strongly reflected in Ireland. Largely consisting of global and multinational companies financing capital-intensive projects, data centre investment has provided significant economic and employment benefits to the Irish economy. These benefits consist of both the initial capital investment and the ongoing operational expenditure which creates and sustains jobs across the wider economy